ABRSM Piano Grade 1 Materials | Sight-Reading

ABRSM Grade 1 - Practise Sight-Reading

Begin building up reading skills by practising sight-reading for the piano grade 1 exam.

The ability to read music is one of the major corner stones of this discipline. Without this skill playing piano would be like trying to read books without proper reading skills. Although the analogy is realistic no one would ever suppose that it could be possible to go through school years etc without being able to read. It is the same with music.

📖 "Music may be compared with language. But before we can teach an appreciation of literature, we must understand the use of language. Language is the gateway to literature. Increasingly, music will be taught as a language in the sense in which we use the words language-study, and we shall keep the closest and make the earliest possible contact with the fine outpourings of thought and expression by the greatest writers. Already teaching methods and examination schemes are being revised in order that pupils may develop the power of reading and playing with understanding, and in this teaching of the language of music, we will lay the foundation of taste in the learner. A real working knowledge of language enables the reader to sift trash from literature and a practical working knowledge of music will enable a right choice to be made between what is feeble and what is good music."
Alec Rowley Practical Musicianship (1941)

Check out the ABRSM Piano Sight Reading Trainer for grades 1 - 5. Play games, discover new materials, track your progress and concentrate on making the most of your 30 seconds.

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