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"Without music, life is a journey through a desert" Pat Convoy

Results - Piano Learning Achievements

Over the years students have earned distinctions, 1st prizes, gold medals as well as further top prizes in graded examinations, competitions and festivals such as:

• ABRSM exams
• Jugend musiziert (German national music competition)
• Leigh-On-Sea Competitive Festival of Music & Drama
• West London Pianoforte Festival
• Maidstone Music Festival
• Farnham Competitive Music Festival
• Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival Milton Keyned Music Festival
• Ealing Festival of Music Speech and Drama
• Oxford Music Festival
• Bromley (Kent) Festival of Music and Speech

Apart from prizes and exam marks a great many pupils have also discovered the infectious joy of music which they could then share with other humans. Beginning as well as advanced pianists have learnt to appreciate music and enjoy making music at the piano.

Visit the News page to see more details about performances including concerts and Piano Hours.

Education is not just about passing exams and winning competitions but also significantly about the sheer joy of learning and developing or nurturing a fascination for the subject. Pupils are encouraged to dig deep, explore and develop their own particular musical preferences. Our versatile and individually tailored curriculum, careful planning and educational system overall infuses pupils' learning with confidence and a healthy kind of self-evaluation. Read more about aims and values on the Ethos page.

"Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps: silence of paintings. You language where all language ends. You time standing vertically on the motion of mortal hearts.
Feelings for whom? O you the transformation of feelings into what?–: into audible landscape. You stranger: music. You heart-space grown out of us. The deepest space in us, which, rising above us, forces its way out,– holy departure: when the innermost point in us stands outside, as the most practiced distance, as the other side of the air: pure, boundless, no longer habitable."
(To Music by Rainer Maria Rilke)

From the latest Piano Pupils' Concert at Steinway Hall London:

2023.12.9 Piano Pupils Concert Steinway

We look forward to helping more pupils to find joy and happiness in performance and achieve the best possible results in the process of learning.

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