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Fees & Discounts | Piano Lessons London | Welcome-Back-To-School Offer

Book an online 30-min consultation for the reduced fee of £20. Usually consultations and one-off piano lessons are more expensive than regular lessons with a contract for a term of classes. This offer is specifically for the beginning of the school year and will remain valid throughout September 2021. For school pupils and full-time university students.

Get in touch to enquire or make a booking.

Fees, Discounts and Funding for Piano Lessons

Please get in touch for information regarding the fees for regular/irregular piano lessons and consultations. A full list of fees will be emailed to you promptly. The fees vary depending on location and frequency of lessons.

Multiculturalism and diversity are some of the key features of a city which is home to the world's richest, poorest and everything between these two extreme poles. The gap between the poles seems to be widening and it has therefore been decided to introduce various types of discounts including free piano lessons for those who meet the criteria of selection and pass the application process.

Please see the following pages for more information:

Piano Lessons London - NHS Offer

A 70% discount for NHS frontline staff during the pandemic

Piano Lessons London - Achievement Scholarships

Discounts for high-achieving pupils

Piano Lessons London - Pupil Premium Funding - Free Piano Lessons

Free tuition for children and teenagers from the most difficult backgrounds

Get in touch if you have any questions. A free telephone consultation is offered to all prospective pupils.

"Music is the true universal speech of mankind" Weber

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