Piano Hours | Informal Non-Public Performances at Tea Time

Piano Hours

Piano Hours are informal and non-public performancse at tea time with cookies and cakes in a friendly atmosphere. Only pupils who participate actively are present, so there is no actual audience other than people who are all doing the same thing by playing to each other.

The structure of piano hours is always the same - pupils not only play but also discuss performances, learning to listen analytically and critically with the view of helping others. Despite this the atmosphere is friendly because pupils are not encouraged to be competitive. It is a good opportunity to find new friends with the same interests or catch up with people who are already friends.

Piano hours are not concerts but opportunities to run through new repertoire, sometimes even play the same repertoire in several piano hours. Pupils are encouraged to perform new repertoire as soon as feasibly possible and then continue practising the pieces for public performances when applicable. This is not only motivational but also significantly pushes progress in practice in a safe environment.

There are no marks or prizes for piano hours as they are opportunities to practise performance rather than assessment events.

Piano hours have been taking place regularly since 2011. See the News page for more information.

"When you play, always play as though a master listened to you." Robert Schumann

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