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📝 “Natalia is an outstanding teacher. I came to her after playing casually for many years, and she is helping me to put my technique on solid foundations and gain a whole new tonal palette. She is an outstanding pianist and demonstrates extensively during lessons. She brings a deep knowledge of the various schools and traditions of piano teaching, and has a passion for placing the music in its historic and cultural context. It’s a rigorous and challenging process, but also richly rewarding.”
Marcus Cox

"I have been Natalia's pupil for more than 6 years and I have to say that I am very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. Natalia has an individual approach to every pupil, always explains what caused this or that problem and how to fix it. All her lessons are very informative and interesting, she teaches not only the technique of playing but always tries to make you see a story in any piece of music.
Natalia is a very knowledgeable and thinking person who has a high-level professional attitude to the teaching process and when you follow her instructions and advice you can definitely meet your goals.
If you want to learn to play piano, Natalia is that very person who can help you to do it."
Marina Myles

📝 "I have been a student with Natalia for a few years now. Her approach to music is holistic, uses a variety of teaching methods and illustrations to make each concept very clear. Has a great ability to encourage and motivate to excellency. Provides the possibility of borrowing books from her extensive music library. An asset that allows you to grow in knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of piano playing. In short, she is a complete piano teacher and her playing is amazing!
Outcome: I have been taking lessons for many years and it's the first time that a teacher has helped me improve piano playing technique. She will dedicate the time to make sure that you are reaching your maximum potential."
Yvette Torres

📝 "Natalia is clearly a very accomplished musician and pianist. I valued her honesty and approach to correct my technique as well as her patience with me as an adult beginner. Lessons are tailored and enjoyable and with the required push for improvement."
Sarah Cruickshank

📝 “Natalia is a teacher who listens to the students, and understands what the students need and want. The piano lessons from her were always very enjoyable. She has the technical excellence and pleasant personality, and I would recommend her to anyone, children or adults.“
Jiawei Li

📝 "Our daughter started learning how to play piano under Natalia's guidance 2 years ago (she was 4). She has made an incredible progress since, both in understanding the theory of music and playing the instrument. Natalia is an engaging and patient teacher and is great in teaching young children, adapting her teaching methods based on children's shorter attention span and making sure they enjoy learning and don't see it as a chore. Natalia encouraged our daughter to perform in front of an audience and made sure they had a suitable and well-practiced repertoire for the occasion. Natalia takes a real ownership of our daughter's progress, suggesting new books, pieces and adapting the length and schedule of lessons.
It has been great to see our daughter progress in playing the instrument, and developing a real interest and passion for it under Natalia's guidance. I highly recommend Natalia as a piano teacher"
Marina Dunaeva

📝 "I studied the piano under Natalia for a few years. Prior to that, my goals for playing the piano was to pass the piano exams and to play some technically demanding and impressive pieces. However, Natalia took me back to the basics, in order to learn how to produce a good sound through finger technique. Although it was challenging in the beginning, Natalia has helped me to understand the significance of quality over quantity in practice and in music making. During lessons, we also discussed the correlation between music and a myriad of other subjects in life... What I come to understand is that as I commit to playing the piano, I found myself not only working with the music, but also working myself through it, for every decision and vision comes to be reflected in the sound produced. Natalia was able to catch the subtleties, provide insights in her students’ playing as well as ways to improve. This is what I find incredibly rewarding about a having good piano practice and teacher."
Yu Ting Ong

📝 "Natalia is a brilliant teacher. She is rigorous in her methods, while also being warm and friendly in her approach. She has immense talent as a pianist and is able to convey her passion for both playing the instrument and learning theory to her students. Natalia’s lessons are always enjoyable and it’s amazing to see how much you can improve each week, thanks to her training. I would highly recommend her as a tutor.
Result:  A life-long love of the piano!"
Zeeya Merali

📝 "Natalia is an excellent piano teacher. Her approach is thorough and nurturing and Natalia provides excellent mentoring for the pupil to develop their own autonomy in the areas of practice responsibilities and aesthetic awareness, preferences and judgements. Whilst her attention to detail in monitoring the pupil's musicality of playing, technique and sight-reading is impeccable, Natalia's approach is holistic and includes a strong awareness of the pupil's physical and mental wellbeing while progressing with the piano and gives an excellent grounding in general musicianship and philosophies of music.
Lessons and guidance of the highest quality. Dramatic improvement on the instrument. A deeper philosophical, embodied and aesthetic understanding of piano playing and what is required to improve."

Jack Durtnall

📝 "Short of performance opportunities and wanting to establish a decent grounding on  the piano I started working through the grades again alone, starting at Grade 5. After achieving the highest distinction I've ever got for an exam at Grade 7, I hit an impasse, realising that I needed technical skills that I just didn't have. I invested in Hanon and Cortot in the hope of working through them, but realised that technique is something that needs to be taught by a person rather than a book, particularly music, as communication is one of its central precepts. I didn't know which books to read or who the authorities were, and  I realised I needed help from a teacher. I found Natalia Loresch online. 

I felt ambivalent about her background and qualifications, on the one hand very impressed, and on the other, completely intimidated. 
However, a combination of her fragile angelic looking photograph and her steel-like, no nonsense approach that is evident in her writing, I felt that this was the teacher that would be able to help me. I needed that extraordinarily rare someone who really knows what they're talking about, as opposed to the all-too-prevalent someone, particularly in our 'branding'- crazed era, who says that they know what they're talking about.

Natalia has an in depth knowledge of the material that needs to be studied and practised in order to work on specific technical issues (which she identifies in your playing in the first session) and she stays with this until it's addressed using lots of different studies from various composers to develop finger strength and movement. She really teaches on many different levels, and with acute attention to detail, which really emphasises the significance of the smallest details. On many occasions I have left lessons filled with a mixture of Divine Inspiration and Complete Despair: inspired on the one hand of what is possible musically, and despairing that I will ever attain it! I've also felt guilty and embarrassed about subjecting a world-class musician to the torture of my playing, but fortunately she is very resilient and has a great sense of humour! 

Natalia is very approachable and though refreshingly direct, also respectful and generous. She has a library of books which she lends out to students, with no rush to return them by a deadline, which is great for a slow-reader like me. There are books in English, German and Russian. One of the books I borrowed has led me to learning the organ and I'm now playing for local church services - piano and organ. Natalia has been encouraging me to get involved with organisations, playing music and this encouragement has helped me on the way. 

Natalia has developed a comprehensive list of national music festivals for pupils to play in. I have played in Milton Keynes and Croydon. I've played in lots of festivals over the years, and taken lots of exams, but since learning with Natalia, who sees and hears everything, (it's like having a musical hawk sitting next to you!)  my nerve level has reduced as I'm exposed to an all-seeing, all-hearing critic on a regular basis in my lessons with her. 

For students who prefer a less formal environment, she arranges sessions for fellow students to play to each other, which is a useful goal for focusing practise. 
These are great opportunities to play in front of a compassionate audience and to receive feedback, when they go ahead, as sometimes people cancel last minute, which is disappointing as they can only run if there are enough people to attend. There is tea and biscuits and it's good to talk to other adults sharing insights and exchanging support around the specific challenges to practising as an adult - with the juggling of work, household and in some cases, family, finding enough time to be able to make significant progress is often difficult. 

As well as being a wealth of music teaching resources, Natalia can also play the piano. This is worthy of remark, because this is not true of all teachers. I'm hoping that she will play at one of the Piano Hours that she arranges. I've never heard anyone produce such a beautiful sound from the piano as Natalia. She also accompanies, and has helped me with one of my earlier cello exams. 

Lessons with Natalia are instructive, constructive, supportive, interesting and fun.

If you really want to learn to play the piano, and also learn about yourself and lots of other subjects too, as Natalia is a mine of knowledge across many spheres, then this is the teacher for you. I've benefited hugely from Natalia's help and made lots of progress, (Grade 8 with Distinction and the realisation that exams are not the be-and-end-all of music and are in fact, merely the beginning) and am hoping, with her continued support, to make much more and continue to develop a sound technique so I can expand my repertoire and broaden my musical knowledge and apply my musical skills in the community."
Charlotte Bowden

📝 "Natalia has been teaching my 9 year old son for 8 months. I have found her to be very approachable, she is calm and can converse concisely with my son. It takes great skill to make a 9 year old be engaged and attentive whilst learning Piano and she does that very well. She is very patient with him and I can only highly recommend her."
Nili S. Dodhia

📝 "Amazing piano teacher. We were very lucky to have found such a wonderful person who is passionate with her work. She has been teaching my daughter age 10 for a year now. And will teach for many years to come. Thank you Natalia."
Vu Dang

📝 "Natalia's piano lessons are amazing and, as a beginner piano learner from China, I would highly recommend students from China to learn from Natalia. She can explain everything in such a clear and digestible way and, in particular, introduce students to the rich and interesting music culture and history in Europe. I find her lessons truly beneficial. It would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to find such an excellent piano teacher like Natalia in China. So, to Chinese students in London: go for Natalia!"
Ruimin Jia

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