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“To know an art really well, one must know everything about it, both its origins and its development.”
Gabriel Fauré
At the Piano with Gabriel Fauré (1963) by Marguerite Long

Feel free to browse through different articles and see if you find anything of interest in this collection. The navigation links on the right will direct you towards various entries.

Some of the films and documentaries are in the original languages without English subtitles and I apologise to those who would require a translation for the lack of translation.

One of the great music film makers of the 20th century is Bruno Monsaingeon. He has made phenomenal documentaries about various great musicians such as Glenn Gould, Sviatoslav Richter and David Oistrakh. I would like to recommend that you find his films Richter - The Enigma, Mademoiselle Nadia, The Red Baton, Glenn Gould - The Alchemist, Glenn Gould - The Retreat.


PS: More is on the way and will be uploaded soon.

"Art hath an enemy called ignorance." Ben Johnson

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