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Music Magazines - Read & Learn

Follow the news on the latest recordings, concerts, books on music, read interviews with musicians and keep yourself informed on the latest gossip in the music world:

👉 International Piano
Features interviews, reviews and news, showcases out-coming young artists and long-standing top musicians of past and present. For pianists, students, dedicated amateurs and piano lovers.

👉 Classical Music
Presents industry insight for music professionals since 1976.

👉 BBC Music Magazine
The BBC Music Magazine is the layman's guide to the world of classical music which includes downloads, interviews, news, podcasts and much more.

👉 Early Music Today

👉 Musical Times

👉 Gramophone

👉 Opera Now

👉 Music Teacher

👉 Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

👉 Musical Opinion - The oldest classical music magazine in Britain

Most journals will now have online versions or be available in ebook format but paper copies are still in demand. Subscriptions are of course convenient if you have time to read journals and single issues are available at bookshops and other stores as well as online.

Historic Magazines (available online)

👉 The Etude

👉 Die Musik

👉 Neue Berliner Musikzeitung

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