Piano Lessons London Policy

Piano Lessons London Policy - Regular Tuition

  • ISM* agreements and invoices are provided for booking lessons.
  • Lesson fees are lower with an agreement for regular tuition with block bookings than for consultations, fortnightly or irregular lessons.
  • The term frames are January - April, May - August and September - December for pupils whose schedules allow predictable regularity.
  • A block of at least 10 lessons can be booked either within or outside of these periods depending on pupils' regularity patterns.
  • A regular slot is provided on the same day and at the same time including the flexibility to reschedule lessons with at least 3 days' notice. When planning predictably is impossible different times/days can be arranged in advance (subject to availability).
  • The fees are paid via bank transfer in advance either for the whole term before the first lesson of the block or on monthly basis by the 1st of each month; depending on circumstances weekly payments may also be possible (for instance for full-time students).
  • Cash payments are accepted in exceptional circumstances but not in the case of pupils waiting to finalise the setup of a UK bank account; international transfers are also possible.
  • Before the first lesson of the each term, the teacher will give the pupil (or the pupil's parent or guardian) written confirmation of the dates and times of all lessons in that term.
  • Lessons can take place during holidays and on public holidays if requested.
  • The pupil will not be entered for any examination, competition or public performance without the prior consent of both the teacher and the pupil (and with the pupil's parent or guardian, where appropriate).
  • The teacher will charge for any scheduled lessons which the pupil does not attend without providing sufficient notice, unless the teacher chooses not to do so because of exceptional circumstances. If the teacher cancels a scheduled lesson, the pupil (or the pupil's parent or guardian) may choose between (i) carrying the lesson forward; (ii) receiving a replacement lesson; or (iii) receiving a refund of the lesson fee.
  • Regular pupils have access to the lending library as well as a structure of materials' pages on the website and have the opportunity to participate in the regularly organised Piano Hours.
  • Pupils must come for their lessons prepared; the amount of homework is tailored individually and will always be realistic; however, if in the course of the initial term homework is continuously and holistically ignored in its entirety the contract will not be renewed for another term.
  • Very young children must practice between the lessons under the supervision of an adult whose attendance is required during the lessons.
  • Short trimmed nails are a necessity.
  • Students are expected to behave appropriately according to the laws and regulations of this country; continuous misconduct as well as unethical or unsafe behaviour will result in the immediate termination of tuition.
  • In the case of pupils' engagement in actions such as harassment, mobbing, bullying, gas lighting, sexual harassment, racist or ideological discrimination, lying with the intention to cause personal, professional or financial harm the teacher reserves the right to take legal action.
  • Agreements may be ended by mutual consent at any time by both signatories to it signing and dating a written statement to that effect.
  • If the pupil stops attending lessons while a series is ongoing, the pupil (or the pupil's parent of guardian) is not entitled to a refund of any fees paid for that series. The pupil is entitled to attend lessons paid for accordingly.
  • If the teacher terminates lessons without giving the correct notice specified above the teacher shall refund any fees already paid for any lessons not given.
  • Commitment to safeguarding procedures for children, teenagers and adults

Piano Lessons London Policy - Adding Extra Lessons to Regular Tuition

  • Regular pupils can book any amount of additional classes at the same fee.
  • The same conduct conditions as above apply.
  • ISM* invoices are provided for extra payments.
  • The dates and times of all lessons are confirmed in writing.

Piano Lessons London Policy - Irregular Tuition

  • Irregular classes can be booked in advance on an ad hoc basis without further commitment.
  • Irregular pupils do not participate in Piano Hours or have no access to the borrowing library.
  • Irregular tuition applies to booking just one or a block of less than ten classes which are booked in advance.
  • ISM invoices are provided for payments.
  • Irregular classes are paid for in advance via bank transfer; international transfer details are provided for pupils without a UK bank account.
  • Please check the "Regular Tuition" regulations for conduct-related details.
  • Commitment to safeguarding procedures for children, teenagers and adults

Piano Lessons London Policy - Consultation Lessons

  • Consultation piano lessons are booked and charged in advance in the same way as irregular lessons.
  • ISM invoices are provided for payments.
  • To reschedule the time or date of a scheduled consultation lesson at least 3 days' notice would be required.
  • A booked consultation lesson can be cancelled and refunded with at least 3 days' notice.
  • Consultations are offered to individuals who come for classes with the aim to learn piano and develop their understanding of music et al. but not for any other disconnected or inappropriate purposes.
  • Same conduct-related regulations as in "Regular Tuition" apply.
  • Commitment to safeguarding procedures for children, teenagers and adults

Piano Lessons London Policy - Online Tuition

  • The platforms for online piano lessons are Skype, FaceTime and Zoom
  • Online piano classes can be booked and charged in advance on an ad hoc basis like irregular lessons or with an agreement for regular tuition.
  • ISM invoices and agreements are provided for payments.
  • Same behaviour-related regulations as in regular tuition apply.
  • Commitment to safeguarding procedures for children, teenagers and adults
  • Further details on online lessons can be found on the Online Lessons page.

What we do NOT do in piano lessons:

  • Please do not come for lessons without respect and teach your children to respect their teachers.
  • I do not welcome individuals who behave inappropriately, harass, stalk, falsely accuse, threaten, abuse, create fake evidence or cut words out of context and twist their meanings. Racial and ideological discrimination also have no place here. Furthermore, I very strongly disapprove of instilling this kind of "norms" in children's upbringing. My approach to education is rooted in the idea that this kind of methodologies, as advantageous as they may be for some people, do not replace hard work, good quality or humaneness and are totally unacceptable.

* ISM Independent Society of Musicians, 4-5 Inverness Mews, London W2 3JQ, https://www.ism.org

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