Piano Lessons London & Online Schedule

Teaching Schedule for Piano Lessons

Piano lessons take place either in Marylebone studios, in Hither Green, at pupils' homes or via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom and exact timings will depend on location and type of lessons (studio/home/online).

Please get in touch for further details regarding preferred availabilities.

Schedule for Early Morning Piano Lessons

Early morning slots are generally reserved for online lessons and are ideal for piano lessons for school children. At this time concentration levels are much higher than in the late afternoon or evening after a full day at school when children are sometimes too drained to be able to deal with the complexities of musical instruments. This also depends on age - the younger the child, the less likely will they be able to concentrate in lessons after school.

Schedule - Days & Times

🕰 Tuesday: 6am - 10pm

🕰 Wednesday : 6am - 10pm

🕰 Thursday: 6am - 10pm

🕰 Friday: 6am - 10pm

🕰 Sunday: 2pm - 10pm

Schedule - Types of Lessons

🕰 6am-10pm: Online lessons

🕰 10am-8.30pm: In-studio in Marylebone/Hither Green

🕰 8am-8.30pm: Home lessons

The organisation of these slots varies - please specify your time and place preferences when enquiring. At the time of current uncertainty there is still an element of flux and although some of the times are fixed there is room for variation for some other slots.

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