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Tuition Scholarships - a Discount for Hard-Working Learners with Limited Means

Piano tuition can over time amount of overall expenses which are out of the reach for many people. It has therefore been finally decided to introduce a discount for pupils below the age of 18 with limited means but keenness to learn with a serious attitude.

This offer is conditional:

  • Readiness to practise a minimum of 90 minutes a day.
  • Take grade exams, diplomas, participate in the internal Piano Hours, concerts, festivals or competitions at least once per term.
  • The continuation of tuition on this offer will be subject to revision each term depending on the results of a pupil's work.
  • Currently discounted piano lessons are available only in the online format.
  • Overall appropriate and respectful behaviour is an absolute must.

The fees for lessons on this offer are hugely reduced (more than 70% off).

Lessons on this offers can be booked at a hugely reduced fee but this does not mean that the level of tuition could be reduced to the quality which would usually be delivered in this price category. Please do not expect the unprofessional type of teaching you would find with unqualified piano teachers. Please understand that the three-pieces-per-grade system does not help develop skills and is not practiced in this studio.

Please note weekly availability is limited to a select number of classes.

How to apply for this offer:

If you wish enquire and to take up this offer call +44 07454766539 or email us on Proof for limited means would need to be provided before booking a consultation. A confirmation letter from the council (in the case ot benefits) with a recent date or copy or screenshot of the most recent statement. Details regarding documents were provided by the council. You would also be asked to send some YouTube videos of potential pupils playing the piano. Following this preliminary screening you would be offered a short free online consultation.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

📖 "Music, when healthy, is the teacher of perfect order; and also when depraved, the teacher of perfect disorder." John Ruskin

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