ABRSM Piano Grade 1 Materials | Aural

ABRSM Grade 1 - Practise Aural

A collection of materials for learning aural skills for the grade one test.

Download the ABRSM Aural Trainer app in preparation for grades 1 - 8.

Aural skills consist of listening, sight-singing, clapping rhythms and dictation. There are various teaching systems and terms including the solfège. The orientation for this particular page is primarily the ABRSM board but if you are looking for further literature and books with exercises for all levels check out the Aural Skills Page. In lessons there is a synthesis of various teaching methods which are complemented by the ABRSM approach when pupils are preparing for exams.

📖 "Cultivation of the ear is of the greatest importance. Try right from the beginning to distinguish each tone and key. Find out the exact notes sounded by the bell, the windowpane, the cuckoo, etc."
Robert Schumann

Materials for Aural Training for Grade One

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