ABRSM Piano Grade 1 Materials | Scales

ABRSM Grade 1 - Practise Scales

Practise scales for the piano grade 1 exam.

📖 "Most musical compositions are based on a scale. A scale is a set of notes going up and down the staff. There are lots of different types of scale, and the type used affects the sound of the music. If music from another part of the world sounds very different from the music you are used to, it could be because it is based on a different sort of scale."
Usborne Introduction to Music (2005)

📖 "Don't neglect the scales and arpeggios, and think that you will make up your marks on the pieces. Everything counts in the total."
Alec Rowley's DON'TS FOR CANDIDATES FOR EXAMINATIONS, in Do's and Don'ts for Musicians. A Handbook for Teachers and Performers

Download Exercises and Manuals for Improving Grade 1 Scales

👉 Duvernoy, Jean-Baptiste Manuel théorique et pratique des gammes, Op.304

👉 Lemoine, Henry Méthode théorique et pratique pour le piano

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