ABRSM Piano Grade 1 Materials | Exam

ABRSM Grade 1 - Exam Materials

Here are the current official exam materials for grade 1.

Bear in mind that these materials are for the exam format only. To learn efficiently don't neglect learning more pieces and studies. And don't forget that music is not only a deeply engrossing but also intellectually-oriented subject - study history and theory to understand what you are playing.

📖 “There is a detail which few students observe which is of such vast importance that one is tempted to say that the main part of successful musical progress depends upon it. This is the detail of learning to listen. Every sound that is produced during the practice period should be heard. That is, it should be heard with ears open to give that sound the intelligent analysis which it deserves. Hours and hours are wasted by students strumming away on keyboards and giving no more attention to the sounds they produce than would the inmates of a deaf and dumb asylum. These students all expect to become fine performers even though they may not aim to become virtuosos. To them the piano keyboard is a kind of gymnasium attached to a musical instrument. They may of course acquire strong fingers, but they will have to learn to listen before they can hope to become even passable performers. At my own recitals no one in the audience listens more attentively than I do. I strive to hear every note and while I am playing my attention is so concentrated upon the one purpose of delivering the work in the most artistic manner dictated by the composer’s demands and my conception of the piece, that I am little conscious of anything else. I have also learned that I must continually have my mind alert to opportunities for improvement. I am always in quest of new beauties and even while playing in public it is possible to conceive of new details that come like revelations."
Ferruccio Busoni in James Francis Cooke's Great Pianists on Piano Playing

Get Official Books and Music for the Grade One Exam

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