Pianos for Beginners

First Pianos

There are many ways in which a discovery of music and piano playing could start. Often ideas and wishes are quite vague at the beginning and minimal investments are considered to bridge the beginning. The following suggestions could serve as ideas to consider.

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First Pianos for the Youngest

🎹 HYGRAD® Wooden Classic 30 Keys Mini Grand Kids Piano

🎹 ZIPPY MAT Kids Digital Piano Keyboard, 37 Keys, Music Educational Instrument Toy for 3+

🎹 COSTWAY 30 Keys Kids Piano, Classical Toddler Mini Grand Pianos with Bench and Music Stand

First Digital Pianos for All

🎹 Yamaha P-145 Digital Piano

🎹 Yamaha L-100 Wooden Digital Piano Stand for P-143, P-145 and P-223 Digital Pianos

🎹 Yamaha ARIUS YDP-145 Digital Piano - Classic and Elegant Home Piano for Beginners and Hobbyists

First Acoustic Pianos for Children or Adults

The following pianos are often in stock at many different piano shops and googling could always be a starting point to get an idea where to find them:


🎹 Yamaha Upright Pianos B1, B2, B3

🎹 Essex Upright Pianos

🎹 Irmler Upright Pianos P112, P118

🎹 Weber Upright Piano W112

🎹 Hoffmann V112

🎹 Kawai K15E


🎹 Yamaha GB1 or GB1K Grand Piano

🎹 Essex EGP-155C Classic Grand or EGP-155F French Provincial

🎹 Irmler F148 or F160 Studio Grand Piano or F160 E Europe Grand Piano

🎹 W. Hoffmann Tradition T 161 Grand Piano

Recommended Piano Benches for Any Type of Pianos

Piano stools play an important role in home practice. A cheap piano bench could give players much back and shoulder pain after very short practice sessions. A good quality padded stool could give sufficient back support to allow longer practice sessions and prevent negative health-impacting consequences. Considering a good stool is highly recommended.

🎹 Cadenza Adjustable Height Real Leather Cushioned Deluxe Piano Stool

🎹 Cadenza Adjustable Leatherette Cushioned Deluxe Piano Stool

🎹 GEWA piano bench Deluxe Classic

🎹 GEWA piano bench Deluxe

🎹 GEWA Piano Bench, Faux Leather

🎹 GEWA piano bench Deluxe Double

🎹 Legato Polished Piano Stool

🎹 Stagg PBH 780 BKP VBK Hydraulic Piano Bench

🎹 Symphony Piano Bench

👉 Visit the Piano Shops in London page to find a list of reputable dealers.

These are only some options - there are many more possibilities. Bear in mind that the quality of the instrument is of great importance if you are interested in progress, results and/or the value of learning in general. While you are not sure whether playing the piano is something for you or your child it is okay to get a cheaper electronic something like the Yamaha P-45 listed above but if you decide that you want the piano in your life a good quality acoustic piano or at least a decent e-piano would be essential. As Alec Rowley, one of Britain's most important music educators, pianist and composer wrote, "a bad instrument will never make a good player." (In Alec Rowley Do's and Don'ts for Musicians. A Handbook for Teachers and Performers)

Funding Opportunities

The UK offers many different funding options for those who are eligible and/or most in need. The following could be a starting point:

🗝 Music For All

🗝 Take It Away

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