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Felix Le Couppey

1811 - 1887
Felix Le Couppey was a French composer, pianist and music teacher.

📖 "It is difficult to determine with any degree of precision the age at which a child may begin the study of the piano. His greater or less precocity, his more or less delicate and nervous organization, his state of health, his strength, his character, his taste, all these thing shsould be taken into consideration. As soon, however as a child knows how to read fluently, whatever his age, it may be reasonably assumed that there would be no insurmountable difficulty in his beginning his musical studies. His progress may not be rapid, he will appear not to advance a step for a year, or two years perhaps, nevertheless, if he has only been inoculated with music, as a celebrated professor has expressed it [Zimmermann Encyclopédie du pianiste compositeur], the time will have been well spent."
Felix Le Couppey Piano Teaching. Advice to Pupils and Young Teachers

📖 "The study of music has now become obligatory, and all young [children], whether they display a taste for it or not, are taught to play the piano. This is a great mistake. Above all things, the child's taste should be ascertained, and if his disposition seems to be opposed to music it would be wise to abstain from teaching him, for even the most insignificant results can only be obtained at the expense of infinite worry and weariness, of infinite time and useless endeavour."
Felix Le Couppey Piano Teaching. Advice to Pupils and Young Teachers

📖 "It is believed, and it is a prejudice unfortunately too widely diffused, that in laying the foundation of a musical education, a second-rate teacher and a poor instrument will answer all purposes. I cannot too strongly express my disapproval of an opinion so opposed to the rules of common sense. Far from being of no consequence, the first lessons, on the contrary, exercise a very direct action on the pupil's future, and their influence is long felt. Often, several years hardly suffice to correct faults contracted during a few months, and more than one talent has gone to ruin from having been badly directed at the outset. Even if it does not lead to any such serious consequences, the use of a poor instrument causes other troubles that should be considered. If the piano is old, worn out, or out of order, there is a danger that the pupil will soon be disgusted. Who would not object to playing on an instrument whose shrill and cracked tones continually grate on the ear! A good piano, then is indispensable."
Felix Le Couppey Piano Teaching. Advice to Pupils and Young Teachers

📖 "Any method which confines one to a single style becomes an enemy to progress; and in expressing my preferences for classical music as a basis of piano study, I do not wish to reject modern music absolutely. I advise, on the contrary, that it be studied in a small proportion which will often serve to awaken a pupil's taste and judgement. Besides, it is well to be familiar with all kinds, with all styles, and it would be absurd to reject any particular music…"
Felix Le Couppey Piano Teaching. Advice to Pupils and Young Teachers

📖 "Whatever be a teacher's preference for a particular kind or for a certain school, he ought to put only good music into his pupils' hands. This point is essential. In the same way that a strong and healthy literary education excludes all frivolous reading, so, in a musical education, that which is mediocre should be rejected; and it should be early sought to form the pupil's taste, to elevate his thoughts, to introduce him to the masterpieces of the art.""
Felix Le Couppey Piano Teaching. Advice to Pupils and Young Teachers

📖 “Children, it is well known, are not studios in general. Leading them imperceptibly to develop more hard-working habits - is this not preparing for tomorrow's progress, is this not securing the future?"
"Les enfants, on ne l'ignore pas, sont peu studieux, en général. Les amener insensiblement à des habitudes plus laborieuses, n'est-ce pas préparer les progrès du lendemain, n'est-pas assurer l'avenir?
Felix Le Couppey De l'enseigment du piano. Conseils aux élèves et aux jeunes professeurs

📖 “Everything lies in knowing how to practise."
Felix Le Couppey Piano Teaching. Advice to Pupils and Young Teachers

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Books and Music by Felix Le Couppey

Download Free Scores of Original Piano Music and Compilations by Felix Le Couppey

👉 Le Couppey, Felix A. B. C. Méthode pour les commençants

👉 Le Couppey, Félix L'alphabet, Op.17

👉 Le Couppey, Félix 24 Etudes primaires, Op.10

👉 Le Couppey, Félix Le progrès, Op.24

👉 Le Couppey, Félix Le rythme, Op.22

👉 Le Couppey, Félix Le style, Op.21

👉 Le Couppey, Félix L'agilité, Op.20

👉 Le Couppey, Félix La difficulté, Op.25

👉 Le Couppey, Félix École du mécanisme (exercises)

👉 Le Couppey, Félix La virtuosité (exercises)

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