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ABRSM Grade 2 - Learn & Expand Repertoire


The compilation of materials on this page includes repertoire which is appropriate for piano grade 2 level. Many of the compositions in these books are not only just great music, fun and interesting to discover and play, but are also of great educational value in terms of skill development when compiled systematically with individual specifics taken into consideration. The time span of these piano works covers all centuries during which the piano and its keyboard predecessors existed in the piano music world.

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👉 ❗️ [more coming soon, just started in this format]

👉 Early English Sonatinas / includes Duncombe, Wilton, Attwood, Hook, Cambridge, Jones (edited by Alec Rowley)

👉 Attwood, Thomas Easy Progressive Lessons and 4 Sonatinas

👉 Bartok For Children I-IV

👉 Bartok Mikrokosmos, Sz.10

👉 Burgmüller, Friedrich 25 Études faciles et progressives (25 Easy and Progressive Studies), Op.100

👉 Diabelli, Anton Die ersten 12 Lectionen am Pianoforte, Op.125

👉 Duvernoy, Jean-Baptiste Le guide du lecteur, Op.281

👉 Gedicke 60 Easy Piano Pieces Op. 36

👉 Grechaninov, Alexander Livre d'enfants / Children's Book, Op.98

👉 Grechaninov, Alexander Grandfather's Album, Op.119

👉 Fuchs, Robert Jugendklänge Op. 32

👉 Fuchs, Robert Jugendalbum Op. 47

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Skizzen, Op.77

👉 Le Couppey, Felix A. B. C. Méthode pour les commençants

👉 Le Couppey, Félix Le style, Op.21

👉 Maikapar Biryulki Op. 28

👉 Reinecke, Carl Leichte Klavierstücke, Op.252

👉 Reinecke Neues Notenbuch für kleine Leute Op. 107

👉 Reinecke Five Serenades for the Young Op. 183

👉 Reinecke, Carl Grüsse an die Jugend, Op.236

👉 Reinecke, Carl Hausmusik, Op.77

👉 Reinhold, Hugo Jugend-Erinnerungen, Op. 58

👉 Reinhold, Hugo Aus der Jugend und Kinderzeit, Op. 64

👉 Satie Menus propos enfantins

👉 Schumann Album für die Jugend Op. 68

👉 Stanford Six Sketches

👉 Stravinsky, Igor Les cinq doigts, K037

Some Recordings Which Include Grade Two Pieces (Not Part of the Exam Syllabus - scroll down to see the current ABRSM repertoire below)

Johann Sebastian Bach Notenbüchlein Anna Magdalena Bach

Bela Bartok For Children
Géza Anda, piano

Robert Schumann "Album für die Jugend" Op. 68
Paul Badura-Skoda, piano

👉 [more coming soon]

Some Recordings Which Include Grade Two Pieces (current ABRSM repertoire)

A3: Anon. Corranto (from The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)

Composers: Giles Farnaby, John Bull, John Munday, Orlando Gibbons, Thomas Tomkins, William Byrd
Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord

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