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Johann Sebastian Bach

1685 - 1750
Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer and organist.

πŸ“– “The aim and final reason of all music should be none else but the glory of God and refreshing the soul.”

πŸ“– “Tobe, Welt, und springe; ich steh' hier und singe in gar sichrer Ruh'.”

πŸ“– “Where there is devotional music, God is always at hand with His gracious presence.”

πŸ“– “I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.”

Quotes by Johann Sebastian Bach

From the Johann Sebastian Bach article in the Grove Music Dictionary:

(b Eisenach, March 21, 1685; d Leipzig, July 28, 1750). Composer and organist. The most important member of the family, his genius combined outstanding performing musicianship with supreme creative powers in which forceful and original inventiveness, technical mastery and intellectual control are perfectly balanced. While it was in the former capacity, as a keyboard virtuoso, that in his lifetime he acquired an almost legendary fame, it is the latter virtues and accomplishments, as a composer, that by the end of the 18th century earned him a unique historical position. His musical language was distinctive and extraordinarily varied, drawing together and surmounting the techniques, the styles and the general achievements of his own and earlier generations and leading on to new perspectives which later ages have received and understood in a great variety of ways.
The first authentic posthumous account of his life, with a summary catalogue of his works, was put together by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel and his pupil J.F. Agricola soon after his death and certainly before March 1751 (published as Nekrolog, 1754). J.N. Forkel planned a detailed Bach biography in the early 1770s and carefully collected first-hand information on Bach, chiefly from his two eldest sons; the book appeared in 1802, by when the Bach Revival had begun and various projected collected editions of Bach’s works were under way; it continues to serve, together with the 1754 obituary and the other 18th-century documents, as the foundation of Bach biography.
(Christoph Wolff and Walter Emery)

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Anna Magdalena Notebook

J S Bach Notenbüchlein Anna Magdalena Bach

Little Preludes

J S Bach 6 Little Preludes
Carl Seeman

J S Bach 12 Little Preludes
Halida Dinova

J S Bach 12 Little Preludes
Tatiana Nikolayev

Inventions and Sinfonias

Two & Three Part Inventions
Glenn Gould, piano

Bach's Inventions BWV 772-786
Andras Schiff, piano

Bach inventions BWV 772-786
Angela Hewitt, piano (live)

Bach - Two & Three part inventions
Zuzana RΕ―ΕΎičková, harpsichord (recorded in 2000)

French Suites


English Suites

Well-Tempered Clavier

Century's recording: Edwin Fischer, piano

Further Repertoire


More Recordings of Bach's Music

Italian Concertos
Alexandre Tharaud, piano

16 Concerti after different composers BWV 972-987
Peter Watchorn, harpsichord

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