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Carl Reinecke

1824 - 1910
Carl Reinecke was a German composer, conductor, pianist and important teacher in the mid-Romantic Era.

Visit the Carl Reinecke Website for information on his music, the Carl Reinecke Museum in Leipzig, concerts, recordings and much more.

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👉 Ein Neues Notenbuch für Kleine Leute, Op.107

👉 Reinecke Five Serenades for the Young Op. 183

👉 Hausmusik, Op.77

👉 Märchengestalten (Fairy Tale Characters), Op.147

👉 6 Sonatinas, Op.136

👉 12 Kleine und leichte Etüden (Small and Easy Studies, Op.162

👉 24 Études, Op.121

👉 15 Kleine Fantasiestücke (15 Small Fantasy Pieces), Op.17

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👉 Aus dem Reich der Töne: Worte der Meister (on Internet Archive)

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Carl Reinecke - Piano Concerto No. 1 in F sharp minor, Op. 72 (1860)
Klaus Hellwig, piano
Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie
Alun Francis, conductor

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