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Walter Carroll

1869 - 1955
Walter Carroll was an English composer, music lecturer and author.

📖 "By cultivating in the people a love of what is beautiful we are taking the surest course towards the elimination of brute force and ugliness of every kind."
Walter Carroll in The Place of Music in Education (1924)

📖 "Music should not be regarded as an embodiment of physical effort. It should be taught, and practised, for its refining and ennobling power - a product of Mind and Heart - a lever which helps to bring the human into closer touch with the Divine."
Walter Carroll in Anthony Walker Walter Carroll The Children's Composer

📖 “For those who have reached the age of maturity the first step in the unfolding of personality is a firm belief in the existence of the Ego, or inner self - a possession differing from that which exists in any other person: something infinitely precious, potential, powerful: something which demands courage, conviction and confidence. Realization of this hidden force must be an act of faith, joyous and complete, for only thus is the spirit of leadership inspired and the foundation of progress well and truly laid.
Emancipation from the bondage of a specialised career must be sought if freedom for the expansion of individual power is to be attained. Concentration upon a single purpose, to the neglect of all others, is not conductive to true self-expression, which calls for a wide range of thought, varied social contacts and broad cultural interests. These may seem to have little connection with the daily routine of business or profession but they are the soil in which new ideas germinate and bring to our work fresh founts of energy and inspiration.”
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948)

📖 “Creation's secrets, disclosed to the artist by inspiration and to the scientist by research, reveal the existence of a primordial truth which is at once the dominant principle in nature and the basis of human achievement - the law of Order and Variation. In mans common parlance these words imply diversity of meaning. The paradox is ours. Creation blends the two, and as a manifest proof gives us the musical tone - a sound enriched by a series of overtones (harmonics) marshalled in precise order and crystallised into a gem of vibrant beauty known to the musician as a perfect unison.
This two-fold texture of creative law is constantly apparent. Life, itself a unity, is nevertheless a dual product; a reality whose very being is dependent upon various elements transmitted through parents and ancestors. In the realm of art much that is beautiful and of value is to be gained by the observance of this law. Music, in a special degree, is approachable from the standpoint of duality; technique and interpretation, time and rhythm, speech and song, choir and orchestra - these and other branches of musical culture run well in double harness. Such partnerships stimulate intelligent study and enlarge the scope of artistic expression."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948)

📖 “Music has a physical and a spiritual life. It may function through human agency, as in a recital or concert, or it may enter our thoughts from the land of silence - a dream-melody, a phantom orchestra, a celestial choir. The ripe musician is an artist of sound. His outline is melody; his colour is harmony; his design is form and rhythm."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948)

📖 “Songland embraces a considerable area in the realm of Music and the young traveller, aided by a wise leader, may look forward to a journey full of variety and incident his impressions of which, if acquired in orderly sequence, will be permanently retained. Youth, the springtime of learning, provides fertile soil in which to implant the roots of poetry and song and it is at this stage that every distinctive phase of these arts should, in turn, be cultivated. While free access to good music of all kinds is necessary, certain periods are found to be specially suitable for particular branches of study:
3-7: Infants' songs Old nursery rhymes
7-9: Folk songs Music of the people
9-11: National songs Tunes of many lands
11-13: Classical songs The great composers
13-15: Romantic songs Life and adventure."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948), chapter on Songs of Youth

📖 “In relation to art the child mind, still much underrated, is capable of assimilating effects of beauty and charm far beyond the limits of what is usually deemed 'suitable for children.' All fine word brings to youth a peculiar satisfaction of its own, which should constantly be nourished by artistic food - simple perhaps, and sometimes light, but always clean and wholesome."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948), chapter on Songs of Youth

Walter Carroll's Piano Music

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👉 Musical Exercises

👉 Tunes From Nature

👉 Forest Fantasies

👉 In Southern Seas

👉 River and Rainbow

👉 Sea Idylls

👉 Water Sprites

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River and Rainbow
Christopher Baxter, piano

In Southern Seas
Christopher Baxter, piano

Forest Fantasies
Christopher Baxter, piano

Sea Idylls
Christopher Baxter, piano

Water Sprites
Christopher Baxter, piano

Four Gypsies
Christopher Baxter, piano

Four Country Dances
Christopher Baxter, piano

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