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Piano lessons at the Bluthner Piano Centre in Marylebone for beginners, intermediate and advanced pupils, children (3+), teenagers and adults. The studios have a Bluthner and a number of Irmler grand pianos which are suitable for pupils of all levels. Baker Street as well as Bond Street tube stations are approximately a 7-8 min walk away. Numerous bus stops are also in close proximity on Baker Street and Oxford Street.


Schedule & availability: weekdays 10am - 6pm, Saturdays 10am - 5pm

6 Baker Street, London W1U 3AA
Tube stations: Bond Street, Baker Street
Busses: 13, 113, N113, 139, 189, 274, 2, N2, 30, 74, N74
Intercity busses: 757, 758, 768

This location is in close proximity to Mayfair, Westminster, St John's Wood, Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead, Finchley Road, Marble Arch, Paddington, Soho, Hyde Park, Lisson Grove, Regent's Park, Maida Vale, Lancaster Gate, Queensway, Bayswater, Westbourne Green, Notting Hill, Kensington, Holland Park, Edgware Road, Fitzrovia, Barbican, Bank, the City of London, London Bridge, Southwark etc.

Piano Lessons Bluthner Studios

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2023.7.15 Piano Lessons Concert Concert
From a Pupils' Concert at Bluthner Piano Centre

"Natalia has been teaching my 9 year old son for 8 months. I have found her to be very approachable, she is calm and can converse concisely with my son. It takes great skill to make a 9 year old be engaged and attentive whilst learning Piano and she does that very well. She is very patient with him and I can only highly recommend her."
Nili S. Dodhia

"Natalia is an excellent piano teacher. Her approach is thorough and nurturing and Natalia provides excellent mentoring for the pupil to develop their own autonomy in the areas of practice responsibilities and aesthetic awareness, preferences and judgements. Whilst her attention to detail in monitoring the pupil's musicality of playing, technique and sight-reading is impeccable, Natalia's approach is holistic and includes a strong awareness of the pupil's physical and mental wellbeing while progressing with the piano and gives an excellent grounding in general musicianship and philosophies of music.
Lessons and guidance of the highest quality. Dramatic improvement on the instrument. A deeper philosophical, embodied and aesthetic understanding of piano playing and what is required to improve."

Jack Durtnall

On Blüthner pianos and their maker Julius Blüthner:

📖 "Dieser Blüthner hatte den schönsten singenden Ton, den ich je gefunden habe. Ich war ganz begeistert und beschloss, die geliebte Barcarolle von Chopin zu spielen. Dieses Klavier inspirierte mich. Ich glaube, ich habe nie im Leben besser gespielt ... es schien, als werde der goldene Ton des Flügels ganz getreu wiedergegeben; von solch einem musizieren hatte ich geträumt. Ich gestehe, mir standen die Tränen in den Augen.“
Artur Rubinstein „Mein glückliches Leben“

📖 "Blüthner had the most beautiful singing tone I have ever found…the piano inspired me. I don’t think I ever played better in my life. And then the miracle happened; they played it back to me and I must confess that I had tears in my eyes. It was the performance that I dreamed of and the sound reproduced faithfully the golden tone of the piano.”
Arthur Rubinstein, "My Many Years"

📖 "BIüthner, Julius Ferdinand, born March 11, 1824, Falkenhain, near Merseburg, founder and manager of a pianoforte manufactory at Leipzig (since Nov. 7, 1833). He is 'Kgl. Sachs. Kommerzienrath' (Counsellor of Commerce), and in 1856 received a patent for improvements in the construction of the pianoforte, and speedily acquired such fame for his establishment that for many years he has used steam power; up to Jan. I, 1880, 15,000 instruments had been made, giving employment to more than 500 workmen. BIüthner's instruments have repeatedly won the highest prizes (Paris, 1867; Vienna, 1873; Philadelphia, 1876; Sydney, 1880; Amsterdam, 1883; Melbourne, 1889). A speciality of BIüthner's are the 'Aliquot' pianos, in which the tone is strengthened by a double set of strings (those that lie higher, and are not struck by the hammer, are tuned in the upper octave). In 1872 BIüthner, jointly with Dr. Gretshal, published an instruction book on the making of pianofortes.
Hugo Riemann Dictionary of Music (1896)

From the latest Piano Pupils' Concert at Steinway Hall London:

2023.12.9 Piano Pupils Concert Steinway

Get in touch for more information:

☎️ +44 (0) 7454766539
📮 contact@pianolessons-london.co.uk

No one is ever charged for asking any number of questions!

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