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Please use the buttons on the right of this page to navigate through to the materials pages.

Also please note that none of the pages in this index represent the entire piano teaching curriculum but only include some of the more frequently used materials.

Through these pages you can conveniently get music online but consider also that music and book shops are used widely for purchasing music instead of online sources and much of the standard canon of classical music works is also available for free download through platforms such as the ISMLP Petrucci Music Library.

Please bear in mind that these pages are only just resources. Materials are carefully selected for piano lessons and are always individually tailored. The combinations vary from pupil to pupil.


Chopin sang of love and longing,
With his Waltzes and his Etudes.
Handel wrote his Concert Operas,
Gave the world the great Messiah,
Bach the great was full of learning,
With his Preludes and his Fuga.
Rhienberger and Mendelssohn both
Composed Sonatas for orgel;
Beethoven, the stern, the daring,
Thrilled the world with his Symphonia,
Sibelius Finlandia gave us,
Carried on the great tradition.
Francis Liszt the brash virtuoso,
Wrote his tuneful Consolations.
Luckless Schumann, born of Austria,
Laid foundations for the piano.
Paganini and Puccini,
Cherubini and Tartini,
All were masters of the fiddle,
All were favourites of the people.
Field, 'tis said, invented Nocturne,
Though his name is ne'er remembered.
Joseph Haydn set the style of
Modern Symphony and orchestra.
Tchaikovsky, the great Romantic,
Sang of his beloved Russia,
Left behind the sad Pathetique.
Edward Elgar stood for England,
With his Variations Enigma.
Coleridge Taylor, clever Negro,
Told the tale of Hiawatha.
Scandinavia boasted of Grieg,
With his sweet Norwegian music,
Wagner led the great uprising,
Of the Opera run Germania.
One and all the music masters
Sang of love and sang of longing,
Full of fire and full of learning,
Food enough to bless the earth.

Samuel Akpabot, Nigerian poet, writer, composer, ethnomusicologist and musician

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