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📖 "Through diligent study and perseverance you will rise ever higher."
Robert Schumann

📖 "Take it for granted from the beginning that everything is possible on the piano, even when it seems impossible to you, or really is so.
Ferruccio Busoni, in Letter to Woltersdorf, 1898

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📖 “To the young man or woman who would learn ‘The Secret of Public Appearance’ I would say: 
1. Look deeply into your natural qualifications. Use every morsel of judgment you possess to endeavor to determine whether you are talented or simply ‘clever’ at music. Court the advice of unbiased professional musicians and meditate upon the difficulties leading to a successful career, and do not decide to add one more musician to the world until you are confident of your suitability for the work. Remember that this moment of decision is a very important time and that you may be upon the threshold of a dangerous mistake. Remember that there are thousands of successful and happy teachers for one successful virtuoso. 
2. After you have determined to undertake the career of the concert performer let nothing stand in the way of study, except the consideration of your health. Success with a broken-down body and a shattered mind is a worthless conquest. Remember that if you wish a permanent position you must be thoroughly trained in all branches of your art. 
3. Avoid charlatanism and the kind of advertisement that will bring you notoriety at the sacrifice of your self-respect and the respect of your best friends. Remember that real worth is, after all, the thing that brings enduring fame. 
4. Study the public. Seek to find out what pleases it, but never lower the standards of your art. Read the best literature. Study pictures. Travel. Broaden your mind. Acquire general culture. 
5. Be careful of your stage deportment. Endeavor to do nothing at the keyboard that will emphasize any personal eccentricity. Always be sincere and true to your own nature, but within these limits try to make a pleasing impression. 
6. Always be your own severest critic. Be not easily satisfied with yourself. Hitch your wagon to a star. Let your standard of perfection be the very highest. Always strive to reach that standard. Never play in public a piece that you have not thoroughly mastered. There is nothing more valuable than public confidence. Once secured, it is the greatest asset an artist can possess.
Fanny Bloomfield-Zeisler in James Francis Cooke's Great Pianists on Piano Playing (1907)

ABRSM Diploma Publications:

Piano FRSM Repertoire

Recordings of FRSM Repertoire

(In alphabetic order)

Bach Partita No 6 E minor BWV 830
Murray Perahia, piano

Bach Partita No. 6 in E minor BWV 830
Rosalyn Tureck, piano

Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita no.6 in E minor, BWV830
Glenn Gould, piano (1974)

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