Books on Music Harmony

Books On Music Harmony

Read and learn about music harmony.

📖 "We have learned to express the more delicate nuances of feeling by penetrating more deeply into the mysteries of harmony."
Robert Schumann

📖 "Learn the fundamental principles of harmony as soon as you can. Do not be afraid of the words theory, thoroughbass, counterpoint, etc. they will become your friends if you become theirs."
Robert Schumann

📖 "Harmony alone can stir the emotions. It is the one source from which melody directly emanates, and draws its power."
Jean-Philippe Rameau Observations sur notre instinct pour la musique (1734)

📖 "In Western harmonic language … contrary to other musical languages, a sound is practically never understood as a pure sound, but as an extract of a group of sounds called a chord, expressed or implied, from which it draws its meaning…. It is the relation of this chord with those around it that constitutes the essential element of musical syntax."
Jacques Chailley Historical Treatise of Harmonic Analysis

📖 "The ability to see and understand the harmonic implications in music is important for performers in at least two ways: (1) readers who quickly grasp the harmonies implied in a passage can use that information to facilitate their performance, and (2) readers who take harmonic implications into account can produce more musically meaningful performances. In fact, musically convincing and satisfying performances of tonal music depend heavily on performers' abilities to think and act harmonically. Performances without a sense of harmonic motion are lifeless and uninteresting, devoid of one of the most essential elements of tonality itself. Performances that incorporate the logic and emotions of harmonic change and progression are cohesive and compelling."
Gary S. Karpinski Aural Skills Acquisition. The Development of Listening, Reading, and Performing Skills in College-Level Musicians

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