Books on Analysis of Music

Books On Music Analysis

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📖 "There is something fascinating about the very idea of analysing music. For music is surely among the most baffling of the arts in its power to move people profoundly whether or not they have any technical expertise or intellectual understanding of it. It moves people involuntarily, even subliminally, and yet all this is done by means of the most apparently precise and rational techniques. If a few combinations of pitches, durations, timbres and dynamic values can unlock the most hidden contents of man's spiritual and emotional being, then the study of music should be the key to an understanding of man's nature. Music is a code in which the deepest secrets of humanity are written: this heady thought assured musical studies their place in ancient, medieval and renaissance thought. And though the study of music no longer occupies quite so elevated a role in intellectual circles, some of today's most important trends in the human sciences still owe it a debt."
Nicholas Cook A Guide to Musical Analysis

Books on Musical Analysis

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