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📖 "Theory and practice are like the two wires which carry electrical energy for light and heat. Take hold of either wire separately and it is dead. Seize both and there is activity. It is only when the two wires are placed in contact that the life or current becomes effective. And so it is with Theory and Practice. Paper work has its rightful place, but it must not be treated as a separate compartment."
Alec Rowley Practical Musicianship (1941)

I would recommend that grown-up pupils whose musical skills are fairly basic or who are completely new to classical music get the first two books on this list for an overview. They are very well written and it does not harm to have more than one type of explanation, including pictures and graphs. After this reading I would recommend to proceed with some written exercises. And if you are new to musical notation do not forget apps such as Musicopoulos, Rhythm Cat, Treble Cat, Bass Cat, Flash Note etc - they are hugely helpful and enjoyable and, contrary to any books in paper format, have sound.

Exams and/or Exercises - Grade 1

Exams and/or Exercises - Grade 2

Exams and/or Exercises - Grade 3

Exams and/or Exercises - Grade 4

Exams and/or Exercises - Grade 5

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