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📖 “Songland embraces a considerable area in the realm of Music and the young traveller, aided by a wise leader, may look forward to a journey full of variety and incident his impressions of which, if acquired in orderly sequence, will be permanently retained. Youth, the springtime of learning, provides fertile soil in which to implant the roots of poetry and song and it is at this stage that every distinctive phase of these arts should, in turn, be cultivated."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948) chapter on Songs of Youth

📖 “Song is a heritage transmitted in sound from parent to child and from age to age. For long centuries it served as the unwritten chronicle of the habits and feelings of primitive people. even to-day very young children reflect in their singing the simplicity and zest of their remote ancestors. They learn by listening and need no help from noters or nick-nacks."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948) chapter on Songs of Youth

Children's Song Books

📚 Ralph Agresta The Library Of Children's Song Classics (Library of Series) 

📚 The Piano Bench of Children's Songs: Piano Solo

📚 The Fantastic Big Book of Childrens Songs

📚 The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs: 169 Classic Songs Arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar (Hal Leonard)

📚 Anna Keel, Willi Kohl, Tomi Ungerer Das große Liederbuch

📚 Ingeborg Weber-Kellermann Das Buch Der Kinderlieder

📚 Hilger Schallehn Das Buch Der Weihnachtslieder

📚 KURT PAHLEN Das Buch der Volkslieder / The Book of Folksongs: 176 Folksongs from the 800 Century

📚 Johannes Brahms 28 Deutsche Volkslieder - For Piano and Voice WoO 32 (1858) 

📚 Johannes Brahms 49 Deutsche Volkslieder - For Solo Piano WoO 33 (1894)

📚 Cecil J. Sharp One Hundred English Folk Songs: For Medium Voice

Download Scores of Songs for Children

👉 Carl Reinecke Kinderlieder (in German)

📖 “Those who teach beautiful songs to boys and girls must surely realise that it is never necessary to 'come down to the level of the child.' Rather should we go up to it. There is no better means of unfolding to the young the problems of existence - love, service, comedy and tragedy - than by the influence of the fine arts, and especially the arts of poetry, music and painting. In spite of much nonsense spoken and written about children we should regard Songs of youth as Songs for Life; links in the long chain of education; forged of pure metal, strong and lasting."
Walter Carroll Music in Life and Education. Essays and Outlines (1948) chapter on Songs of Youth

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