Piano Music - Leopold Mozart

Leopold Mozart

1719 (Augsburg) - 1787 (Salzburg)
Leopold Mozart was a German composer, conductor, music teacher, and violinist.

📖 "Before beginning to play, the piece must be well looked at and considered. The character, tempo and kind of movement demanded by the piece must be sought out… Finally, in practising every care must be taken to find and render the affect which the composer wished to have brought out; and as sadness often alternates with joy, each must be carefully depicted according to its kind. In a word, all must be so played that the player himself be moved thereby."
Leopold Mozart Treatise on The Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing (1756)

Keyboard / Piano Music by Leopold Mozart

Solo Keyboard

Sonata, F, S1.1 (Nuremberg, 1759), ed. in S; Sonata, B, S1.2 (Nuremberg, 1760), ed. in S; Sonata, C, S1.3, by 1759 (Nuremberg, 1760), ed. in S; Tempo di menuetto, 1 Jan 1761, 

H-Bn*; Minuet and Trio, by 1756, and Trio, by 1762, 

A-Sm (Nannerl Notenbuch, no.17 = Hochzeitsmenuette S3.36 no.9–10 and Nannerl Notenbuch, no.48 = arr. of trio of movt iii of Serenade, D), ed. in NMA, IX:27/i; other unattrib. minuets in Nannerl Notenbuch, by Leopold; Fugue and Andante, 

CH-E, MS, c1801
Der Morgen und der Abend (for Salzburg Hornwerk), S1.4–10, ?1754 (Augsburg, 1759), ed. in Dankmäler der Musik in Salzburg, i (Munich, 1977)
[Polonoise], Arietto and Scherzo, 


Nannerl Notenbuch, 1759–c1763, 

A-Sm, ed. in NMA, IX:27/i [incl. works by L. Mozart and others]; Notenbuch, seinem Sohn Wolfgang Amadeus … geschenkt, 1762, spurious (see Plath, A1971–2)
Arrs. and transcrs. of other composers’ works; sketches, drafts, frags.; figured bass exercises

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