Piano Music - Carl Maria von Weber

Carl Maria von Weber

1786 (Eutin) - 1826 (London)
Carl Maria von Weber was a German composer, conductor, virtuoso pianist, guitarist, and critic of the Romantic era.

📖 "What love is to man, music is to the arts and to mankind. Music is love itself - it is the purest, most ethereal language of passion, showing in a thousand ways all possible changes of color and feeling; and though true in only a single instance, it yet can be understood by thousands of men - who all feel differently."

📖 "An artist's sphere of influence is the world."

📖 "No fate holds more splendour for an artist, than the one which greets his effort with such enthousiasm!"

📖 "The hardest thing is to endure the applause of fools, and patiently suffer the booing, while with the bravissimo of the foolish one would rather strike them between the ears."

📖 "Delude not yourself with the notion that you may be untrue and uncertain in trifles and in important things the contrary. Trifles make up existence, and give the observer the measure by which to try us; and the fearful power of habit, after a time, suffers not the best will to ripen into action."

📖 "The art of music, rather more daughter than imitator of nature, in her impressive and mysterious language minding and educating us, rouses directly our temper and rules us to the depths of our souls."

Quotes by Carl Maria von Weber

Piano Music by Carl Maria von Weber

Some Recordings of Carl Maria von Weber's Piano Music

Carl Maria von Weber
Aufforderung zum Tanz (Invitation à la valse) Op. 65
Yvonne Lefébure, piano

Carl Maria von Weber - Piano Works
Michael Endres, piano
Piano Sonata No.1 in C-dur, Op.24
Piano Sonata No.2 in As-dur, Op.39
Piano Sonata No.3 in d-moll, Op.49
Grande Polonaise
Afforderung zum tanz

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