Piano Music - Daniel Gottlob Türk

Daniel Gottlob Türk

1750 - 1813
Daniel Gottlob Türk was a German composer, organist, and music professor of the Classical period.

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"The earlier one begins to play the clavichord, the further one may progress, at least with regard to dexterity. For at the tenderest age, the fingers are are still supple enough that one can attain moderate speed with much less effort than when they have grown stiff and inflexible. The earlier one begins, the better, particularly if the size and strength of the fingers allows it, say around the seventh or eighth year. It is, of course, not impossible that adults can still learn to play, but they will find it difficult to attain great dexterity."
School of Clavier Playing, §14 (1789)

"The most important thing in the beginning is to find a good teacher. Usually it is in this respect where the first mistake is made, for the opinion that the rudiments can be learned from anyone is almost general. It is believed that money can be saved and the cheapest teacher is engaged which results in actually costing far more than the most expensive teacher. For experience shows that a skilled and conscientious teacher can bring his students further in a few months than a bad teacher can in a whole year. Moreover, how much time and energy is saved, thereby. For usually the student has to begin over again with a more skilled teacher, after being instructed for several years without correct principles and after much labor finally seeing how ignorant he and his instructor are! And how difficult it is to get rid of old faults which have now become mechanically ingrained."
School of Clavier Playing, §15 (1789)

"… Distorted facial expressions, writhing, grimaces, or whatever you might want to call them, as well as beating time with the feet, dividing each measure by a motion of the entire body, shaking or nodding of the head, snorting during a trill or during a difficult passage, and the like, must never be permitted to a pupil, regardless of social position or sex. In this respect politeness or permissiveness … is very much to be reprimanded, for although music is perceived only through the sense of hearing, the sense of sight should not be offended in the process. Many a musician who delights us with his playing, perceptibly weakens the good impression, when his caricature-like mannerisms either temp us to laugh, or when his apparent convulsions instil fear and horror in the listeners."
School of Clavier Playing, §38 (1789)

Quotes by Daniel Gottlob Türk

Writings of Daniel Gottlob Türk

Von den wichtigsten Pflichten eines Organisten in Beytrag zur Verbesserung der musikalischen Liturgie (Halle, 1787/R, rev. 2/1838 by F. Naue; Eng. trans., 1987)

Clavierschule, oder Anweisung zum Clavierspielen für Lehrer und Lernende … nebst 12 Handstücken (Leipzig and Halle, 1789, enlarged 2/1802/R; Eng. trans., 1982) [unauthorized edn as Neue Klavier-Schule (Vienna, 1798)]

Kurze Anweisung zum Generalbassspielen (Leipzig and Halle, 1791, enlarged 2/1800/R as Anweisung zum Generalbassspielen, enlarged 5/1841 by F. Naue) [unauthorized edns (Vienna, 1822 and n.d.)]

Beleuchtung einer Recension des Buches: Kurze Anweisung zum Generalbassspielen (Halle, 1792)

Kurze Anweisung zum Klavierspielen: ein Auszug aus der grössern Clavierschule (Leipzig and Halle, 1792, enlarged 2/1805)

Kleines Lehrbuch für Anfanger zum Clavierspielen nebst 16 sehr leichten Übungsstücken (Leipzig and Halle, 1802, enlarged 2/1806)

Anleitung zu Temperaturberechnungen für diejenigen, welche in dem arithmetischen Theile der Musik keinen mündlichen Unterricht haben können, ins besondere aber für die Besitzer des Kirnbergerschen Werkes: Die Kunst des reinen Satzes in der Musik (Halle, 1808)

List of Piano Works by Daniel Gottlob Türk

12 Sonaten, i (1776, 3/1798), ii (1777, 2/1789)

12 leichte Klaviersonaten, i (1783, 2/1793), ii (1783)

18 kleine Klaviersonaten, i (1785, 2/1787), ii (1786), iii (1793)

6 Klaviersonaten grösstentheils für Kenner (1789) [thematic index of all sonatas in Hedler; extracts in Serauky; 4 ed. in Organum, 5th ser. (1951–8)]

120 Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler, 60 as vol.i (1792, rev. 3/1806), 60 as vol.ii (1795), some ed. in NM, xciii (1933), 4 ed. in Serauky, others ed. E. Doflein (Mainz, 1940), and W. Serauky (Halle, 1949)

12 kleine Tonstücke … mit beygefügter Fingersetzung (Halle, 1795), from 1st edn of Clavierschule; 30 Tonstücke für 4 Hände, angehenden Klavier- und Fortepianospielern gewidmet, i–iv (1807–8), ed. W. Serauky (Halle, 1948)

2 works in J.A. Hiller: Sammlung kleiner Clavier- und Singstücke (Leipzig, 1774)

1 work in Berlinische musikalische Zeitung (1794), no.31, p.124