Piano Music - Charles Villiers Stanford

Charles Villiers Stanford

1852 - 1924
Charles Villiers Stanford was an Irish composer, music teacher, and conductor of the late Romantic era. Stanford was a prodigiously gifted and greatly versatile musician who, along with Carrie and Mackenzie contributed much to forging the new standards of the so-called 'renaissance' of British music at the end of the 19th century. He brought a technical brilliance to most genres as a composer and acquired a stature as a composer primarily in the province of church music. Today he is best remembered as a teacher of several generations of British composers who studied with him at the Royal College of Music and Cambridge University.

📖 "Heaven must be in me before I can be in heaven."

Quote by Charles Villiers Stanford

Piano Music by Charles Villiers Stanford

March, D, 1860

2 Novellettes, 1874

5 Phantasie-stücke, pf duet, 1875

Suite, op.2 (1875)

Toccata, C, op.3 (1875)

Romance (Une fleur de mai) (?1875)

6 Waltzes, [op.9], 1876, also arr. pf duet, 1876

10 Dances, Old and New, op.58, c1894

4 Irish Dances, op.89, 1903, arr. P. Grainger (1907–10)

3 Rhapsodies from Dante, a, B, C, op.92, 1904

6 Characteristic Pieces, op.132, 1912

5 Caprices, op.136, 1913

Night Thoughts, op.148, 1917

Scènes de ballet, op.150, 1917

6 Sketches (Children's Pieces) (1918)

Preludes in all the Keys, i, nos.1–24, op.163, 1918

Ballade, g, op.170 (1919)

6 Song-Tunes (1920)

A Toy Story (1920)

Preludes in all the Keys, ii, nos.25–48, op.179 (1921)

3 Nocturnes, op.184, 1921

Irish Airs Easily Arranged, c1922

2 Fugues, op.193: c, 1922, b, 1923 [arr. of nos.2 and 3 of 3 Preludes for Org]

3 Waltzes, a, d, F, op.178 (1923)

3 Fancies, ?1923

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