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Darius Milhaud

1892 - 1974
Darius Milhaud was a French composer, conductor, and teacher. He was a member of Les Six.

📖 "The most difficult thing in music is still to write a melody of several bars which can be self-sufficient. That is the secret of music. While the technique should be as perfected as possible, that is a lesser essential Anybody can acquire a brilliant technique Melody alone permits a work to survive."

📖 "It is curious how people go on believing that the musician knows less about what he is doing than those that judge him."

📖 "I had a marvelously happy childhood."

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Some Recordings of Milhaud's Piano and Other Music

Darius Milhaud and Marcelle Meyer play Milhaud's "Scaramouche", piano (recorded in 1938)

Martha Argerich & Evgeny Kissin, piano (recorded live in 2001)

Milhaud conducts Milhaud - Le carnaval d'Aix, Op. 83b
Carl Seeman, piano
Darius Milhaud, conductor
Orchestra of Radio Luxemburg
Released in 1969

Le boeuf sur le toit
Leonard Bernstein, conductor
Orchestre National de France

Sonata No. 1 for Piano, Op. 33 (1916)
Billy Eidi, piano

Milhaud - La Création du Monde
Orchestre National de France
Leonard Bernstein, conductor

La création du monde (Quintet Version)
Israeli Chamber Project

Darius Milhaud: L'Automne op.115 (1932)
Billy Eidi, piano

Darius Milhaud ‒ Suite, Op 8
Monique Muller, piano

Milhaud Cello Concerto No 1, Op 136
Mstislav Rostropovich, cello
London Symphony Orchestra
Kent Nagano, conductor
Live recording in London (October 1989)

Milhaud Suite Paris for 4 pianos
A. Ghindin, S. Koudriakov, C.Katsaris, K. W. Paik play Milhaud Paris

Élégie for Cello and Piano Op. 251
Adam Riggs, cello
Christina Lalog Seal, piano

Piano Works by Darius Milhaud

Suite, op.8, 1913

Mazurka, 1914 [pubd in Album des Six, 1920]

Variations sur un thème de Cliquet, op.23, 1915

Printemps [I], op.25, 1915–19

Sonata no.1, op.33, 1916

Printemps [II], op.66, 1920

Saudades do Brasil, op.67, 1920–21, arr. orch; Caramel Mou, op.68, 1920, arr. 1v, jazz band; 3 rag caprices, op.78, 1922, orchd; Choral, op.111, 1930

L’automne, op.115, 1932

L’album de Madame Bovary, op.128b, 1933

3 valses, op.128c, 1933

4 romances sans paroles, op.129, 1933

Promenade (Le tour de l’exposition), 1933, rev. 1937

Choral (Hommage à Paderewski), 1941

4 Sketches, op.227, 1941, arr. orch/wind qnt; La libertadora, op.236, 1943, also for 2 pf; La muse ménagère, op.245, 1945, orchd; Méditation, op.277, 1947

Sonata no.2, op.293, 1949

Jeu, op.302, c1950 [pubd in album Les contemporains]

Le candélabre à sept branches, op.315, 1951

Hymne de glorification, op.331, 1953–4

La couronne de Marguerite (Valse en forme de rondo), op.353, 1956, orchd; Sonatina, op.354, 1956

Le globe trotter, op.358, 1956, orchd; Les charmes de la vie, op.360, 1957, orchd

Piano Duo Works by Darius Milhaud

Scaramouche, op.165b, 2 pf, 1937 [after incid music Le médécin volant]

Les songes, op.237, 2 pf, 1943

Carnaval à la Nouvelle-Orléans, op.275, 2 pf, 1947

Children’s Works by Milhaud

Cours de solfège

Touches noirs, touches blanches, op.222, 1941

Acceuil amical, op.326, 1944–8

Une journée, op.269, 1946

L’enfant aime, op.289, 1948

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