Piano Music - Friedrich Kuhlau

Friedrich Kuhlau

1786 - 1832
Friedrich Kuhlau was a German / Danish composer and pianist.

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6 Sonatinas Op. 55 (1823)
Jenő Jandó, piano

Solo Piano Music by Friedrich Kuhlau


E, op.4 (1810)

d, op.5a (1812)

a, D, F, op.6a (Hamburg, 1812)

D, pf, vn ad lib, op.6b (1812)

a, op.8a (1814)

G, C, E, op.26 (Bonn, 1821)

B, op.30 (1821)

G, op.34 (1822)

G, d, C, op.46 (Hamburg, 1823)

F, B, A, op.52 (1823)

3, A, F, C, op.59 (Hamburg, 1824)

3 with variations on themes by Rossini, F, A, C, op.60 (Hamburg, 1824)

E, op.127, 1815 (Copenhagen, 1833)


C, G, F, op.20 (1820)

C, G, C, F, D, C, op.55 (1823)

C, G, a, F, op.88 (Copenhagen, 1827)


on ‘Guide mes pas’ from Cherubini's Les deux journées, E, op.12 (1815)

on the Danish air ‘Manden med Glas I Haand’, C, op.14 (Copenhagen, 1813)

on the Norwegian folksong ‘God dag, Rasmus Jansen’, a, op.15 (1816)

on the Danish folksong ‘Kong Christian stod ved højen mast’, D, op.16 (Copenhagen, 1818)

on ‘Willkommen, Purpurschale’ from Røverborgen, a, op.18 (Hamburg, 1819)

on a Danish song, f, op.22 (1820)
Fantaisie and Variations, on Swedish airs and dances, f, op.25 (Bonn, 1821)

on a Danish song, F, op.35 (Copenhagen, 1821)

on 6 Austrian folksongs, op.42 (1822)

on ‘Wir winden dir’ from Weber's Der Freischütz, C, op.48 (Copenhagen, 1822)

on 6 themes, from Der Freischütz, E, F, D, G, A, B, op.49 (Copenhagen, 1822)

on 3 themes from Weber's Preciosa, G, D, F, op.53 (Christiania, 1823)

on Bianchi's canzonetta ‘Silenzio che sento’, G, op.54 (1823)

on 3 themes from Euryanthe, A, C, A, op.62 (Copenhagen, 1824)

on the Swedish folksong ‘Och liten Karin tjente’, e, op.91 (1828)

3 Airs variés, on themes by Bellini and Hummel and an Austrian air, C, G, F, op.112 (1831)

on 2 themes from Rossini's Guillaume Tell, C, G, op.116 (Brunswick, 1831)


C, a, F, opp.1–3 (1810)

on a theme by Rode, a (Copenhagen, 1813)

on themes from Don Giovanni, Le nozze di Figaro and Boieldieu’s Le petit chaperon rouge, C, G, C, op.31 (Copenhagen, 1820)

op.40 [nos.1–6] (1822)

op. 41 [nos.1–8] (1822)

on themes from Le nozze di Figaro, C, G, F, op.56 (Copenhagen, 1823)

on themes from Auber's La neige and Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia, F, G, D, op.73 (Copenhagen, 1826)

on themes from Boieldieu's La dame blanche and Auber's Le maçon, C, F, A, op.84 (Copenhagen, 1827)

Les charmes de Copenhagen, on Danish airs, D, op.92 (Copenhagen, 1828)

on themes from Onslow's Le colporteur, B, op.96 (Copenhagen, 1828)

on themes from Hérold's Marie, C, A, op.97 (Copenhagen, 1829)

on themes from Rossini's Semiramide and French and German airs, G, C, F, op.109 (Copenhagen, 1830)

on Beethoven songs, G, B, C, op.117 (Brunswick, 1831)

on themes from Auber's Fra Diavolo, G, A, G, op.118 (Copenhagen, 1831)

on themes from Rossini's Ricciardo e Zoraide and Tancredi and Isouard's Joconde, C, D, A, op.113 (1832)

La légèreté, on a theme by Paganini, F, op.120 (Copenhagen, 1832)

La clochette, on a theme by Paganini, a, op.121 (Copenhagen, 1832)

C, op.125 (Copenhagen, 1833)

Other Works

Kaleidakustikon (waltzes to be composed by game of dice) (Copenhagen, 1820)

Divertissement, E, op.37 (1822)

6 Divertissements en forme de valses, op.61 (Hamburg, 1824)

Fantaisie sur des airs suédois, G, op.93 (Copenhagen, 1829)

Divertissement sur des thêmes de Mozart, B, op.126 (Copenhagen, 1833)

31 waltzes; 9 écossaises; 5 marches

Piano Duo Music by Friedrich Kuhlau

Sonata, F, op.8b (Hamburg, 1810)

Sonatina, F, op.17 (Copenhagen, 1818)

8 Waltzes, op.24 (1821)

6 Waltzes, op.28 (Hamburg, 1821)

3 Sonatinas, G, C, F, op.44 (Copenhagen, 1823)

Variations, on ‘Deh calma o ciel’ from Rossini's Otello, A, op.58 (1824)

3 sonates, F, C, G, op.66 (Hamburg, 1825)

3 Rondos, F, C, D, op.70 (Hamburg, 1826)

Variations, on Beethoven’s ‘Herz, mein Herz’, C, op.72a (Bonn, 1826)

Variations, on Beethoven's ‘Der Wachtelschlag’, F, op.75 (Hamburg, 1826)

Variations, on Beethoven's ‘Lebensglück’, A, op.76 (Hamburg, 1826)

Variations, on Beethoven's ‘Sehnsucht’, B, op.77 (Hamburg, 1826)

3 Rondos, C, D, D, op.111 (1831)

Variations on 3 themes, G, C, F, op.114 (1832)

Allegro pathétique, c, op.123 (Copenhagen, 1832)

Adagio and Rondo, A, c, op.124 (Copenhagen, 1832)

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