Piano Music - Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Johann Nepomuk Hummel

1778 - 1837
Johann Nepomuk Hummel was an Austrian composer and virtuoso pianist. He was a pupil of Mozart in his childhood.

📖 "It was a serious moment for me when Beethoven appeared. Was I to try to follow in the footsteps of such a genius? For a while I did not know what I stood on; but finally I said to myself that it was best to remain true to myself and my own nature."
Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Quoted in Bie, A History of the Pianoforte (1899)

Piano Music by Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Op. 1 Variations (London, 1791): 1 The Ploughboy, C, 2 A German Air, G, 3 La belle Catherine, C

Op. 2 Variations (London, 1791): 1 The Lass of Richmond Hill, G, 2 Jem of Aberdeen, G

Op. 2a/3 Sonata, C (London, 1792)

Op. 3 Variations (London, ?1794): 1 Air écossais, G [= op.2/2], 2 Air anglais, G [= op.2/1], 3 Air allemand, G

Op. 7 Three Fugues, d, E, f♯, after 1793 (Vienna, c1799)

Op. 8 Variations, G, on an ‘oberländische Melodie’ (Vienna, c1801)

Op. 9 Variations, E, on march from Cherubini: Les deux journées (Vienna, c1802)

Op. 10 Variations, D, on ‘God Save the King’ (Vienna, c1804)

Op. 11 Rondo, E (Vienna, c1804)

Op. 13 Sonata, E (Vienna, c1805)

Op. 15 Variations, a, on march from Dalayrac: Les deux petits Savoyards (Vienna, c1804)

Op. 18 Fantasie, E (Vienna, c1805)

Op. 19 Rondo quasi una fantasia, E (Vienna, c1806)

Op. 20 Sonata, f (Vienna, c1807)

Op. 21 Variations, B, on a ‘Chanson hollandaise’ (Vienna, c1806)

Op. 34 Variations (Vienna, c1810): 1 La sentinelle, C, 2 Partant pour la Syrie, D, 3 Vivat Bacchus [Mozart], C

Op. 37 Choix des plus beaux morceaux de musique, 8 pieces (Vienna, c1811)

Op. 38 Sonata, C (Vienna, c1808)

Op. 40a Variations, C, on march from Isouard: Cendrillon (Vienna, c1811)

Op. 47 Potpourri, C, 1st edn unknown; with motifs from Der Freischütz (1820s)

Op. 49 Capriccio, F (Vienna, c1811–15)

Op. 52 Six pièces très faciles, 1811 (Vienna, c1811–15)

Op. 55 La bella capricciosa, polonaise, B (Vienna, c1811–15)

Op. 57 Variations, F, on theme from Gluck: Armide (Vienna, c1811–15)

Op. 58 Potpourri, c, from Hummel: Die Eselshaut (Vienna, c1814–15)

Op. 59 Potpourri no.2, C, from Hummel: Die Eselshaut (Vienna, c1814–15)

Op. 67 Twenty-Four Preludes (Vienna, c1814–15)

Op. 75 Adagio, Variations and Rondo on ‘The Pretty Polly’ (Vienna, c1817)

Op. 76 Variations, A, on an orig. theme (Vienna, c1817)

Op. 81 Sonata, f♯ (Vienna, 1819)

Op. 103 Three Waltz-Rondos, C, A, B, before 3 May 1823 (Vienna, c1824)

Op. 105 Trois amusements en forme de caprices, E, A, D, before 3 May 1823 (Leipzig, 1824)

Op. S161 Variation in 50 Veränderungen über einen Walzer [by Diabelli] (Vienna, 1824)

S162 Marche à la romaine, E, in The Harmonicon, ii (1824), 97

Op. 106 Sonata, D, March 1824 (Vienna, c1825)

S164 Variations, E, in The Harmonicon, iii (1825), 1

Op. 107 Six Bagatelles (Leipzig, c1825)

S165 Rondoletto, C, in The Harmonicon, iv (1826), 217

Op. 109 Rondo brillant, b, Sept 1825 (1826)

Op. 109a Deux rondolettos en valse, F, F (Vienna, c1824–6)

Op. 111 Trois pièces faciles, E, E, C (Leipzig, c1828) (= S162, 164, 165)

Op. 112 Zwölf neue favorit Ländler (Walzer à la Sonntag), partly composed March 1817 (Leipzig, Paris and London, 1828)

S168/WOO7 Impromptu in canone, g, facs. in Hummel: Ausführlich theoretisch-practische Anweisung (1828)

S187/WOO10 Variation on ‘Rule Britannia’, ?c1830, in Apollo’s Gift for 1831 (London and Vienna, 1830), collab. Cramer, Kalkbrenner, Moscheles

S188 Piano piece, A, 1830, in Apollo’s Gift for 1831 (London, 1830)

S190/WOO8 Recollections of Paganini, fantasia, C, ?1831 (London, Paris and ?Vienna, 1831)

Op. 119 Les charmes de Londres (London, Paris and Leipzig, 1831), variations on same themes as op.1 [also as op.120]

Op. 120 La galante, rondo, E, June 1831 (London, Paris and Leipzig, 1831) [also as op.121]

Op. 122 Rondo villageois, C (Halle, London and Paris, 1831)

Op. 123 Fantasie, g, on themes of Neukomm and Hummel (Vienna, Paris and ?London, 1833)

Op. 124 Fantasina, C, on themes from Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, 1833 (Vienna, Paris and London, 1833)

Op. 125 Twenty-Four Etudes, sum. 1833 (Vienna, Paris and London, 1833)

S145 Variation on ‘God Save the King’, ?1820–30, in Wiener musikalisches Pfennig Magazin (1835), with Beethoven, Kalkbrenner [= op.10, variation 4]

Op. +3 Scotch Contradance Rondo (Leipzig, 1839)

Op. +6 Capriccio, e (1839)

Op. +9 Two rondinos, 2 caprices, 2 impromptus (1839)

S191 Etude, B, ?c1831, in F. Fétis: Méthode des méthodes (Paris, 1840)

S181/WOO9 Piano piece, D, ?after 1830 (Vienna, ?1850–60)

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