Piano Music - Heinrich Karl Johann Hoffmann

Heinrich Karl Johann Hoffmann

1842 - 1902
Heinrich Karl Johann Hoffmann was a German composer and pianist. Hoffmann was a pupil of Theodor Kullak, Eduard Grell, Siegfried Dehn and Richard Wüerst. His Frithjof Symphony (1874) was one of the most frequently performed orchestral works in Germany during the late 19th century but since then fell into obscurity. Among his works are orchestral compositions, operas, some lieder, choral music, and works for solo piano. After his death, his music became largely forgotten.

Piano Music by Heinrich Karl Johann Hoffmann

Download Scores of Hoffmann's Piano Music

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Skizzen, Op.77

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Albumblätter, Op. 11

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich 6 Charakterstücke, Op. 107

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Nachklänge Book 1, Op. 34

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Nachklänge Book 2, Op. 37

Download Piano Duets by Hoffmann

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Italienische Liebesnovelle, Op.19

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Melodie in C major

👉 Hofmann, Heinrich Neue Ungarische Tänze

Explore Heinrich Hoffmann's Music

Symphony in E flat Major 'Frithjof', Op. 22
Philharmonisches Orchester Altenburg-Gera
Eric Solen, conductor

Concertstück for Flute and Orchestra, Op. 98
John Wion, Flute
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Len Dommett, Conductor

On the Lake
Réamonn Keary, piano
Royal Irish Academy of Music

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