Piano Music - Jan Ladislav Dussek

Jan Ladislav Dussek

1760 - 1812
Jan Ladislav Dussek was a Czech composer and pianist. His works included 12 concertos, 53 sonatas for piano solo, 90 sonatas with accompaniment and a considerable number of different pieces.

Piano Music by Jan Ladislav Dussek

Explore Recordings of Dussek's Music

Piano Sonatas Op. 10 & Op. 31 No.2
Bart van Oort, fortepiano

Piano Sonatas Op.39 & Op.25 No.2
Piet Kuijken, fortepiano

Piano Sonatas Op.44 & Op.77
Alexei Lubimov, fortepiano

Piano Sonatas Op.5 No.3, Op.24, Op.43 & Op.61
Tuija Hakkila, fortepiano

Piano Sonatas Op.18 No.2 & Op.45
Wolfgang Brunner, fortepiano

Piano Sonatas Op.9 & Op.75
Viviana Sofronitsky, fortepiano

Complete Piano Sonatas Op. 47 & Op. 64
Zvi Meniker, fortepiano

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