Piano Music - Ferdinand Beyer

Ferdinand Beyer

1803 - 1863
Ferdinand Beyer was a German composer and pianist. Today Beyer is mainly remembered for his hugely influential and still very relevant Vorschule im Klavierspiel (Preparatory School) Op. 101, reprinted many times since its original publication in 1850, which offers systematically compiled 5-finger exercises for a wide variety of many possible combinations and subsequently also exercises as well as little studies introducing scales. The method became especially popular in Japan after being introduced into the Japanese educational music system by the American educator L. W. Mason in 1880 and later also in Korea.

Piano Music by Ferdinand Beyer

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👉 Beyer's Vorschule im Klavierspiel Op. 101 on IMSLP

Writings about Beyer's pedagogical works

W.K. Chung: An Analysis and Evaluation of Beginning Piano Methods Used in Korea (diss., Texas Tech U., 1992)

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