Piano Music - Mily Balakirev

Mily Balakirev

1837 (Nizhny Novgorod) - 1910
Mili Balakirev was a Russian composer, conductor, teacher and pianist. Balakirev was the founder of the group now known as The Five (a.k.a., The Mighty Handful) which also included Alexander Borodin, César Cui, Modest Mussorgsky and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

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Some Recordings of Balakirev's Piano and Other Music

Islamey, An Oriental Fantasy
Grigory Romanovich Ginzburg, piano

List of Piano Music by Mily Balakirev

Fantasia on themes from Glinka’s Zhizn′ za tsarya
1st version (1854–6)
2nd version (1899) as Réminiscences de l’opéra ‘La vie pour le czar’

Sonata no.1, b, op.5 (1855–6)

Nocturne no.1, b
1st version g (1856)
2nd version b (1898)

Fandango-étude (1856), revised as Ispanskaya serenada (1902)

Scherzo no.1, b (1856)

Polka, f (1859)

Impromptu, f (1850–60)

Mazurka no.1, A
1st version (1861)
2nd version (1884–5)

Mazurka no.2
1st version, b (1861)
2nd version, c (1884)

Na Volge [On the Volga], pf 4-hands (1863)

Zhavoronok [The Lark], based on Glinka’s song
1st version (1864)
2nd version (1900)

Islamey, oriental fantasy
1st version (1869)
2nd version (1902)

Au jardin, D (1884)

Mazurka no.3, b (1886)

Mazurka no.4, G (1886)

Pustïnya [The Wilderness] (1898)
arranged of no.2 of Balakirev’s 10 songs, 1895–6

30 russkikh narodnïkh pesen [30 Russian Folksongs], pf 4-hands (1898)
arranged of Balakirev’s 2nd collection, 1898

Dumka, e (1900)

Mazurka no.5, D (1900)

Scherzo no.2, b (1900)

Valse di bravura no.1, G (1900)

Valse mélancholique no.2, f (1900)

Sonata, b (1900–05)

Berceuse, D (1901)

Gondellied, a (1901)

Nocturne no.2, b (1901)

Scherzo no.3, F (1901)

Valse-impromptu no.3, D (1901)

Tarantella, B (1901)

Capriccio, D (1902)

Mélodie espagnole (1902)

Sérénade espagnole (1902)

Mazurka no.6, A (1902)

Nocturne no.3, d (1902)

Toccata, c (1902)

Tyrolienne, F (1902)

Waltz no.4, B (1902)

Chant du pêcheur, b (1903)

Humoresque, D (1903)

Phantasiestück, D (1903)

Rêverie, F (1903)

Waltz no.5, D (1903)

Waltz no.6, f (1903)

La fileuse, b (1906)

Mazurka no.7, e (1906)

Novelette, A (1906)

Waltz no.7, g (1906)

Impromptu (1907)
based on Chopin’s Preludes, e and B

Esquisses (Sonatina), G (1909)

Suite, pf 4-hands (1909): Polonaise, Chansonette sans paroles, Scherzo

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