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Thomas Augustine Arne

1710 -  1778
Thomas Augustine Arne was an English composer. He is best known for the patriotic song "Rule, Britannia!" and the song "A-Hunting We Will Go". Arne composed leading works for the British theatre of the 18th century which were staged at the West End's Drury Lane and Covent Garden. He created many operatic entertainments for the London theatres and pleasure gardens, as well as concertos, sinfonias, and sonatas.

๐Ÿ“– "The main study of every wise man is to arrive at rectitude"

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๐Ÿ“š Todd Gilman - The Theatre Career of Thomas Arne

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Harpsichord Concerto in G (published 1793)
Bะตnะตdั–kt Cะตllะตr, harpsichord
Dombะตrg Kammerorchester

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