Performance Opportunities

Pupils with an interest in performance are offered many different types of performance opportunities at all levels.

Some questions and answers:

How often? The frequency varies from individual to individual and depends on pupils' goals and preparedness.

Exams? Yes, of course, when required, necessary or for self-imposed deadlines to improve practice.

What types of exams? ABRSM and Trinity College.

What levels? All graded examinations from the preliminary grade to grade 8 and all diplomas.

Competitions? Yes, for all levels of skill. A complete beginner might already be able to perform in a festival after 6 months of lessons at any age. Intermediate and advanced learners have even more opportunities to try out playing for others, practice performance and win prizes. There is an overabundance of competitive and non-competitive performance opportunities at festivals in the UK and pupils are encouraged to prepare.

Concerts? Yes, different types of concert opportunities can also be offered.

Preparation? The preparation for public performances is planned well in advance. Meticulous planning ensures that pupils are well prepared, do well and remain at the lowest levels of stress possible.

Try out repertoire and performance in a safe, non-competitive, non-public environment? Since the very beginning there has been a tradition to organise non-public events for pupils giving them an opportunity to play new repertoire for each other and make friends. These events are called Piano Hours. There is tea and cake and no extra audience. The atmosphere is friendly and competition between pupils is strongly discouraged.

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