"Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." Plato

Piano Lessons for Beginners

In 15 years of teaching masses of complete beginners started here and many of them progressed to an advanced level passing exams, winning prizes in competitions and performing publicly. However, students who do not have the explicit intention to take exams or expose themselves publicly in any kind of pianistic terms are also welcome here.

Beginning students will:

  • Be encouraged to embark on a musical discovery tour through books, recordings, concerts, videos etc to explore the versatile richness of the Western cultural heritage
  • Learn to listen to music in an informed way
  • Learn to read music efficiently and learn new pieces quickly and autonomously
  • Acquire a theoretical basis and aural skills
  • Build up a functional technical foundation and learn to solve technical problems
  • Learn to have a healthy posture and if necessary to develop an individual plan for physical exercises
  • Learn to be free from tension
  • Learn to prevent problems from developing
  • Learn to begin to build up a repertoire
  • Learn to develop a rich and varied sound
  • Learn to plan their practice effectively
  • Learn to set realistic goals and realise them
  • Develop a confident way of playing
  • Be able to prepare for exams, festivals, competitions, school concerts/assemblies or any kinds of external performance events if they wish
  • Be welcome to participate in Piano Hours which provide a friendly non-competitive non-public performance environment in which pupils not only play themselves but also learn to formulate constructive critical feedback to help others; pupils often make friends with each other and tea/coffee/cake are always provided
  • Have access to a lending library

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