"It is not through attacking the difficulty repeatedly but through the examination of the problem that success in solving it is possible." Busoni

Piano Lessons for Advanced Pupils

Advanced students will:

  • Learn to improve their technique by addressing and solving existing problems in a systematic way, clarifying their understanding of technical concepts and connecting them to realisations though exercises and repertoire in general
  • Learn to free themselves from existing tension
  • Learn to solve existing physical problems caused by injuries in the past or a harmful way of playing/practising in general and also to prevent future problems
  • Learn to develop a rich and varied sound
  • Learn to set realistic goals and realise them
  • Gradually build up a performance repertoire
  • Learn to plan their practice effectively
  • Deepen their understanding of different musical styles and learn to develop logical but individual interpretations
  • Be encouraged to expand their knowledge of philosophy, religions (where applicable), other arts, literature and especially poetry - the latter two being the most directly related areas of interest. It would be absolutely impossible to attempt to understand Schumann without familiarising oneself with E.T.A. Hoffman, Tchaikovsky without Tolstoy, Bach without the Bible, Beethoven without Hegel, Scriabin without various kinds of mystic writings, or Debussy without Baudelaire and Monet etc.
  • Learn to think independently and critically in a non-destructive way
  • Learn to listen to music in an informed way
  • Develop a confident way of playing
  • Learn to deal with performance anxiety and further piano-related fears
  • Prepare for exams, diplomas, auditions, festivals, competitions, concerts or any other performances if they wish
  • Be welcome to participate in Piano Hours which provide a friendly non-competitive non-public performance environment in which pupils not only play themselves but also learn to formulate constructive critical feedback to help others; pupils often make friends with each other and tea/coffee/cake are always provided
  • Have access to a lending library

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