NHS Discounts for Piano Lessons

We recognise the immense risk NHS doctors and nurses are taking doing their outmost and more to combat the outbreak of Coronavirus. As a token of appreciation we have decided to offer piano lessons on Skype or FaceTime at a hugely reduced fee (more than 70% off):
  • £20 for a whole hour
  • £15 for 45 minutes
  • £10 for 30 minutes

This offer is non-transferable and valid until the end of 2020. Please note weekly availability is limited to a select number of classes.

How to claim this offer:

If you are an NHS frontline doctor or nurse and wish to take up this offer call 07454766539 or email us on

Do you know someone working for the NHS?

Please help spread the word by sharing with friends and family working in the NHS during these unprecedented times.

Thank you for your perseverance.