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Piano Lessons in London - Some Piano Teaching Ideas

I always strive to find individual pedagogical access to my piano pupils in order to strengthen their weaknesses and bring out their strengths. My own background (please see the Biography) is versatile - it encompasses piano performance, musicological research and pedagogical experiences as well as various interests such as languages, literature, history, philosophy, photography, fine arts and, of course, anything that has to do with classical music.

I do not describe my teaching method in detail anywhere on this website and there is no ‘teaching philosophy’ section as it can be found elsewhere. I do not believe that it would make sense to explain a teaching philosophy in a brief paragraph -  learning to play the piano is a very lengthy project and requires not only a lot of time but also a lot of effort from the pupil. Apart from this, beginning students will need a very different approach from those who are already studying at an advanced level. The outcome really depends on the input coming from the student. For the pianistic development of a child the acquisition of a healthy technique and musical imaginativeness, a thorough general knowledge of music, its history and its performers is of great value and an absolute necessity in order to proceed with musical studies or just gain access to the world of music within the frame of personal growth and enjoyment. For adults the components of learning are defined depending on goals and interests as well as the amount of time available for regular practice. Music theory is a very important part of everyone’s learning plan - a good grasp of it is essential for learning to play the piano well. To boost progress and motivation and keep records I make regular video recordings in the lessons which are viewed and evaluated immediately after the making.

I encourage pupils to participate in performance events providing a certain degree of professionalism is achieved. While it is not an absolute must for everyone, public performance in a concert, exam or competitive setting does boost the motivation to practice, provides valuable learning experiences, encourages excellence of performance and reinforces building confidence. I also organise regular internal performance opportunities where all of those present perform without an audience. Advice is given on participation in external concerts, festivals, competitions, auditions, exams etc.


  1.     I advocate a serious attitude towards learning and expect students’ cooperation. Children will have quite a large quantity of homework, however, it will always be a realistic amount.

  2.     Students must come to the lessons with a readiness to learn. Please do not send your children to lessons if they strongly oppose to playing the piano or learning after school in general - it is not my task to make them play the piano!

  3.     The advisable daily practice amount for beginning child learners is 1 hour and more during the weekends, advanced pupils would do well to practise at least a few hours per day.

  4.     Children’s participation in exams is encouraged, however, I recommend to take a particular grade only when they have achieved an appropriate level of skills to pass the exam with excellent results. I am not an advocate of the three-pieces-between-the-grades system - it is necessary to learn a large quantity of pieces between the exams in order to build a sound foundation.

  5.     Participation in festivals and competitions is recommended for qualified students.

  6.     The amount of tuition time is normally 1-2 hours per week but could also be more depending on pupils’ needs.

  7.     Short trimmed nails are a necessity.

  8.     Students are expected to behave appropriately. Continuous misconduct will result in the termination of tuition.

My Qualifications:

  1.     Diplom in Piano from the Tchaikovsky School of Arts, St Petersburg, Russia, studying with Valentina Nikiforova

  2.     Diplom in Hauptfach Klavier / Degree in Solo Piano Performance from the Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany, studying with Prof. Pascal Devoyon

  3.     LRAM Teaching Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

  4.     MMus in Piano Performance and Research (+ second study harpsichord and clavichord) from the Royal Academy of Music, London, UK, studying with Piers Lane, Kathryn Stott, Virginia Black, Terence Charlston

  5.     MMus in Advanced Musical Studies / Musicology from Royal Holloway, University of London, UK, supervised by Dr. Stephen Rose

Pupils’ successes:

  1.     Distinctions in ABRSM exams as well as distinctions, 1st prizes, gold medals and other top prizes in competitions and regional festivals  such as the:

  2.     German national music competition Jugend musiziert

  3.     Leigh-On-Sea Competitive Festival of Music & Drama

  4.     West London Pianoforte Festival

  5.     Maidstone Music Festival

  6.     Farnham Competitive Music Festival

Professional Memberships:

  1.     ISM

  2.     EPTA

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This website does not contain any detailed information on my teaching principles - I prefer sharing these in real life. Get in touch!

Email:  contact@pianolessons-london.co.uk       Phone:  07454766539

I have been working as a piano teacher giving private lessons in English, German and Russian since 2003. To put it into a nutshell - discovering the world of music, learning to play the piano and acquire a degree of excellence can be an enjoyable experience and a great source of joy but requires a disciplined approach and a certain degree of commitment from the student. If you really want to be able to do something and decide to do it then you will be able to.